food, mood & health game

How does it work?

The discussions generated during the game allow players to learn from each other as they explore food and health issues. In practice the players manage the game, but a teacher or health professional should be present to offer support and guide the conversations.

The game contains several packs of cards which 2 teams take turns to answer as they move round the board:

Standard Questions: generate discussions about how physical & emotional wellbeing are affected by food choices.

Picture Activities: use pictures to help players discuss and explore body image and airbrushing.

Quick-fire Questions: factual questions about healthy foods.

The face-to-face nature of the game takes young people away from computer screens and helps them to talk about practical issues related to their physical and emotional health.
The game creates a pressure-free environment for difficult and emotive health-related conversations. Using a board game helps young people feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready to discuss some tricky topics. Young people lead the conversations, stimulated by the game’s questions and activities, while teachers or health professionals offer guidance during and after the game session.

Check out our food, mood & health infographic!

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